Recent  Events

Inspiration through Animal Imagery
This art contest (?) was dedicated to all animals: wildlife, marine and farm animals, pets, etc.  Participants chose an animal(s) they wanted to portray through paintings and drawings, using their artistic imagination.  The following topics were reflected in their artwork:  concern for wildlife and endangered species, threats on animal life in the ocean environment, pet care and training, animal protection and respect, animal treatment in entertainment business, animals as companions, pets adoption - view event art - See winners below.

Crayon Artistic Drawing Workshop
This drawing lesson was provided and created by Glen Donley, renowned within growing art genre known as crayon arts. This lesson gives easy to follow, step-by-step instructions that will introduce you to an amazing world of natural and beautiful Crayola crayon drawing (!). Enjoy your learning experience!     

Current  Event

Earth Day 2016
Our Earth - Let's Save Her - A chance for teens to convey this important message through art, photography, video, music, or in writing. Click here to see/download the flyer, and look for complete details in our eNewsletter during the first week of October. This is a joint event between Teen-2-Teen Magazine - http://www.teen-2-teen.org   and environment leader Green2Gold® -  http://www.green2gold.org.

Upcoming  Events

Architectural Journey of an Artist
Windows, Balconies and Porches - tell their stories through photography, paintings and drawings.
Photography, paintings and drawings inspired by Bridges and Light Houses.

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